False Claims

One Location

Clearchoice claims that all "lab work" and "creation of your teeth" are "all housed in a single center".That may be true for the first set of temporary teeth and possibly even if you chose acrylic for your final (permanent) set of teeth, BUT if you elect zirconium, that is not the case. My permanent teeth are made from zirconium and ALL of my lab work (for the zirconium) had to be done off site... even for the most minute adjustments. This is important to know because sending the teeth to an off-site lab takes MUCH longer to get them back. Also, if the adjustment isn't right they have to be shipped off again. And during that time you have to wear your temporary set, which are minimally functional at best. In my case it took 6 weeks for my teeth to come back from the lab each time I needed an adjustment. Not to mention that all the time that you're waiting for off-site lab work to be done, it's using up your warranty period.

Since many patients opt for zircomium, and "all under one roof" is one of their big selling points, Clearchoice has an obligation to disclose to consumers that zirconium teeth will be made and adjusted OFF SITE!!!!

Working with lab techs

Clearchoice claims that you can work with their "master lab technicians" to customize your teeth. I was NEVER given the opportunity to meet or work with a lab technician. I always had to relay my custom preferences (color, etc.) to an assistant. The particular assistant that I was working with made it very clear that he was highly annoyed when I asked to have any changes made (read more about that in the "my story" section).