You Should Know


With all-on-four I only got a first molar. That means I don't have a back molar, which does a lot of the major grinding. Naturally, there's good reasons for this, but not having that second molar makes a significant difference in my ability to thoroughly chew food..

When I told the prosthodontist that my chewing surfaces seemed smaller than my natural teeth she told me that they are approximately 15-20% smaller than natural teeth. This reduction in size limits your chewing capacity even more.


Clearchoice offered me third-party financing but at a VERY HIGH INTEREST RATE, which resulted in hefty monthly payments (and by the way my interest rate was based on someone with excellent credit). If credit was less than perfect, I can only assume the interest rate would have been even higher or not qualified at all. I should have checked with a credit union or bank for better interest rates.